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Monday the 26th of January

Happy Australia Day!!!

Ok so we all slept like babies after the previous few days we encountered and were all up bright eyed and very happy with the decision to come back a day earlier!

After getting ourselves sorted out and into our new hostel for the evening we headed into town to do a little shopping and see whats around. I can tell you one thing that is around Puerto Natales...........Wind! It blows out of control here and I can only imagine how cold it must get in the winter time! We soon realised that there is very little going on around Puerto Natales so we headed to a little cafe that we read about in our Lonely Planet that had peanut butter and banana sandwiches on offer. I opted for something different buy Mon and Krystal both went for the sandwiches and Mon even managed to order another and get that one down her also!

From here we decided that we should celebrate Australia Day in Chile and we headed to the supermarket for a drinks run before heading back and relaxing for the afternoon in the hostel. After a few hours of cards and drinks we headed out to grab some cash when we bumped into an Aussie couple who we had met on the 40 hours bus ride from Bariloche a week or so ago. We all headed out for some drinks and chatted for a while before getting some details off them (we will be catching up in Rio) and heading back to the hostel to do some cooking.

We had some left over food from the hike so thought rather than waste it we would cook up a spag bol and finish what we had left in our pantry (bag). Once full Mon called it a night, Krystal went and backed up our pics, and I went out with a few people from the hostel to a bar and managed to roll back to the hostel around 3am.

Tuesday the 27th of January

Up and 6am and boy was that fun! One thing I always wanted to try and not do and that was not getting hammered the night before a bus ride. I was doing very well up until today!

We headed to the bus terminal (10 metres from the door of the hostel) and hopped on our bus for a 12 hour ride to Ushuaia. Worst bus ride ever as the seats we on top of one another, the tv again didnt work and I was hungover as hell!

Managed to finally make it to our final destination and the lowest part of our trip possible, Ushuaia! We could go lower but that would cost us about USD10000 for a trip to Antarctica! We didn´t quite budget that one it so will have to give it a miss this time round!


We grabbed our gear and headed into town to find a internet cafe (we forgot where we were staying) and after being kicked out of the shop twice by a knob of an Argentinian because we had backpacks we finally found our hostel and were ready to dump our bags! We cheacked into a cool hostel called Freestyle and I would have to say its up there with the best I have seen yet. It was modern, clean, great staff, and had plenty of room for all to enjoy. Once sorted in our room we headed out for some dinner, had some steak then headed back and crashed out for the evening.

Wednesday the 28th of January

Today was to be an explore Ushuaia and get a boat trip out on the Beagle Channel day. After a lazy start we headed out and down to the docks to see what we could get on for that afternoon and what cruise options they had on offer. We quickly had to re adjust our plan when we were told how expensive it was to go out on the channel! We finally opted for a 3 and 1/2 hour ride that left at 3pm and went to numerous points in the area. You soon realise that with all the cruise boats coming in here with the hoards of tourists that the locals know what to do with the price of things! Deano you bucks booze cruise was cheaper than this one and we got hammered and fed on yours!!! The only thing this one gave was some stale cake, a glass of shitty wine and a view of some sea lions!

Still it was a pretty good afternoon and was nice and relaxing out there enjoying the sun, and getting driven around shown some of the fauna in the channel.

Once back on land we headed to a local supermarket, stocked up on drinks and went back to the hostel with pizza and empanades in hand for an evening in the hostel. The 3 floor of this hostel has a magic view of the entire bay and also a pool table, numerous couches and a great place to chat with the others in the hostel.

Thursday the 29th of January

This morning we woke up to the sound of rain coming down which made our decision to try and horse ride 100% final. It was pretty well made when we heard the prices and have decided to wait until home and Krystal and Mon can find somewhere to gallop around. As the rain got heavier we got ourselves more settled in the common area and read and relaxed for the morning.

Finally the rain stopped so we headed out for lunch and then went for a walk around town and the bay for a while before the clouds rolled in and we were forced to go back to the hostel and to where we began the day!

We had a few drinks and chatted with some of the guys until 8pm or so before heading out for an early dinner (9:30pm is about the time to head out here) to the same place we went the first night. This little place has great food and is pretty cheap for the area so we filled ourselves up again before heading back to the hostel and to where we have spent most evenings. Managed to get ourselves pretty full here and Krystal and Mon called it a night about 12am and I headed out with some of the others to an Irish bar for a while which I really didn´t need to but hey, what do you do!

Friday the 30th of January

Mon´s final day with us. It has flown around and crept up on us so quickly! We got up and got all of our gear sorted and checked out of the hostel (me and Krystal are staying at another one for a couple of days) before heading back into town for one final milkshake. Once filled with banana milkshake we headed back up the hill and called a taxi to take us to the airport and see Mon off.

2pm came around and Mon gave us a final wave before walking through immigration and on her way back to Santiago to meet Sharon and Ted. The past 3 weeks have been a lot of fun and we will miss having Mon around with all of her jokes and smiles. Another part of the trip that we will remember without photo´s!

Krystal and I caught a taxi back to our B and B and we had a little sleep as my poor little head was suffering form the numerous glasses of wine that I consumed the night before. We then headed out across the road and grabbed some food as we wanted to cook a fed again for ourselves and the B and B we are staying at was perfect for that.

Once back we cooked some dinner, relaxed and then called it a night.

Saturday the 31st of January

When we woke up this morning we soon realised that 5 nights, 4 days was too long in this place unless of course you had Antarctic plans that is! The most exciting thing about today was heading down to town for a casual stroll, picking up some ID photos for Krystal for our visas into Brazil and another great dinner at our local restraunt.

Other than that the day consisted of us reading, relaxing, and playing the Nintendo DS. A Perfect day before the chaos of BA.

See you all in 1 month!

M and K

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