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Ushuaia, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

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- Krystal typing -

Sunday the 1st of February (my bday this month yay!)

Today was a very productive day. Not because we did a heap, but because we managed to get a 3050km bus ride under our belts in a day - by flying! We flew from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires. Matt had booked a flight for us months ago, managing to get an awesome deal, and lucky he did as we were not so keen on getting the 60 hour bus back up.

We arrived in Buenos Aires around 5pm, jumped in a cab with a German guy and headed into to town to our hostel. We dumped our bags, and headed straight for the hostel bar. I was on the vodkas as they didnt have wine, and matt as usual on the beer. 3 vodkas in and I have no memory of the rest of the night! The guy behind the bar was more than generous! Probably not the best person to be doing the blog for this day! As far as I know we hung around the hostel bar for the night!

Monday the 2nd of February

We woke up today after hitting the snooze button a few times, before deciding we´d better get down to the Brazilan Embassy sooner rather than later to sort out our visa for entry to Brazil. We were a little nervous about having to organise our visas in Argentina as we´d heard stories about the processing time varying from 30 minutes to 10 days. And as you can imagine we didn´t have 10 days to waste in Benous Aires, and needed to be in Rio in time for carnival - especially since we´d dropped a bomb on our accomodation for that week aswell.

When we arrived we were relieved to see a sign in english (yay) saying proccessing time was 2 days! It was just after 12 and we had til 1pm to get our application submitted. We filled our out form lined up and were knocked back because we were missing our accomodation details. After a mad dash to find an internet cafe, we came across a lady on her laptop in a coffee shop who let us borrow her computer. We found the details and then headed back up and submitted our forms and could stress less!

After that we headed for some lunch and then wandered around for a little, before heading back to the hostel. Matt had a few drinks, I read my book for abit before we headed back into town to see La Bomba, which is an open air concert of about 12 guys playing the drums. It was a hot clear arvo/night, kind of gave us the feeling we were at st kilda festival or something similar. We grabbed some beer and wine and stood their in the crowd for the next 2 hours listening to these guys drum out some tunes. Was pretty impressive.

Earlier on in the day we had decided (well mainly Matt) that we slurge on dinner at one of the most famous steak houses in Beunos Aires. We attempted to walk there but decided Matt´s thoughts of steak were getting the better of him and hailed a cab.

The steak house did not disapoint! We ordered one steak (they said you normally have one between two people), which started with some breads and dips and baked garlic. Next 12 little side dishes camed out and then a huge chopping board with an equally big steak on top. Biggest steak we´d both ever seen, kid you not it was bigger than Matt´s head which is quite big (as Amy has pointed out to me!)


It was cooked to prefection too. After eating everylittle bit of it - too good to waste, and feeling very satisfited we grabbed a cab with two australian girls that sat next to us and headed back to our hostel for some drinks.

Will be visiting this place again for sure!

Tuesday the 3rd of February

Woke up this morning is search of some tango lessons. After finding a place an american girl had recommended to us in Ushuaia, we sussed out the class times and booked in for a night class.

We decided to go for a walk down to the water to check out another side of town. We thought the green area on the map meant park land where we could relax but was a natural reserve so had to settle on a cafe with air con for our resting place.

After our huge walk we headed back to our hostel, Matt to the bar and me to my book that I couldn´t put down.

We then made our way down to our Tango class in our very professional foot wear of thongs. We were a little early and watched the end of the class before us, getting quite scared at what we´d gotten ourselves into!

Our teachers were really nice though, they seperated the girls and boys, taught us what we needed to know and then let us practise together. It was actually easier than we thought, although we did do the same 8 steps for over an hour, wasn´t actually a challenge. But still it was dancing and Matt suprised me and was actually pretty good!

After class, with steaks still on our mind from the night before we thought, when in Rome... and decided to go sample another steak house!


It wasn´t quite as good, but was still really nice. Headed down the street for some strawberries and cream before heading back to the hostel and calling it a night as we were really tired - our hostel is a party house and is hard to get a decent nights sleep.

- Matt typing -

Wednesday the 4th of February

After a pretty sleepless night, we got oursevles up and out of bed to begin another day in the sun. We grabbed some lovely bread and jam for breakfast (the usual thing which we are well and truly over!) and headed out into town and made our way to pick up our passports from the Embassy. To our delight it all ran smoothly and they were back in our trusty little hands within 20 minutes of arriving there.

We walked slowely back to the hostel and grabbed some much required icy poles along the way before jumping on a local bus and heading out to a suburb in BA called La Boca. La Boca is a small region in BA that hold a strong European hold as many early settlers from there set up here upon arriving in Buenos Aires. It is also known for the world famous La Boca Jrs who are one of the worlds strongest football teams and also the home club of Maradonna!

Once we arrived we headed down one of the famous strips there where there are many restraunts on offer that also include free (donation of course) Tango shows during your meal. This worked out perfect because we wanted to see some Tango while here but all the packages we saw around town was far to expensive.

We had some food and then went for a walk around the region and did a little shopping before making our way to the La Boca football stadium, of course this being Krystals idea! Once happy with a couple of pics we headed back to the main drag and ended up sitting back in another restraunt with some much better Tango on offer and relaxed over some beer and wine! a couple hours later we were Tango out and we caught the bus back into central.

We made our way back to the hostel and I headed out onto the bar for a drink when I noticed that Liverpool was playing live on TV against Everton. Perect for me so that killed the next couple of hours only to see Liverpool lose with 1 minute to go in extra time before we headed out for some dinner locally and back for an early night!

Thursday the 5th of Febuary

Again another shitty nights sleep (our hostel is a very very busy place after dark) we packed up our gear, checked out, and checked into a hotel down the road for tonight. Originally we had planned to leave today but due to this place being pretty cool and there being planty to do we decided to stay on for another evening. We accidently on purpose fell alseep in our room for an hour before getting our butts into gear only to be disappointed upon walking outdoors into the rain!!!

We powered on and walked through the weather for a while before stopping for some lunch and some thinking about how we should attack this day. We had wanted to see a couple of sights but are not keen on walking hours in the rain so we thought better give the blog an update.

- krystal typing -

By the time that was done, we walked across to the ferry terminal and booked some tickets to Uruagay for two days time, and by the time that was done we had blue skies above us.

We headed towards the main tower of BA hoping we could climb it but it was closed for maintance works so instead we caught a train out to the steak restaurant, but it was fairly earlier still so we went to a bar for a few drinks. We arrived at the steak house just after 9pm but were told there was a 30minute wait for a table. After an hour and abits wait out the front - was like lining up for a night club, we were finally in. We did get given 3 glasses of champange each a few bits of juicy sausage, so it wasn´t too bad!

The steak was beautiful again, but have to say the time before was better. After downing a few glasses of red we headed back to our hotel and fell into bed.

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