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Now that´s a lot of water!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Foz De Iguazu Brazil

sunny 32 °C

Monday the16th of Febuary.

Matt Typing


Ok so what is the best way to begin your birthday? Sitting on a night bus for 14 hours!!! Ok so the beginning of Krystals birthday was not the greatest but the destination was pretty darn impressive. We were on our way to Iguazu Falls, the biggest and most amazing falls in the world and we arrive at the bus station around 8am that morning. We grabbed our bags and jumped into a taxi with another 2 girls who were going to the same hostel as us and we were on our way. Iguazu Falls in shared by both Brazil and Argentina and we were staying in the Argintina side for 2 days and then Brazil side for 1 more night before taking off.

We arrived at the hostel, checked in and then headed to their travel desk to sort out what we could do regarding the falls. While sitting and waited we bumped into a couple of Australians who we have seen along the way, the last time being 7000kms south in Southern Chile. We chatted to them briefly and they filled us in on what they did and how they did it and so on before telling us that they were headed to the Brazilian side that morning. We decided to go along with them to the Brazlian side so we booked a transfer, chucked our bags in the luggage room and we were on our way. Again we had to cross back through the border so out we hopped and got our entry and exit stamps for Brazil and Argentina (we got 6 stamps in there today!!) before making our way to Iguazu Falls.

The falls has been something that we were both really looking forward to and when we arrived got our first glimpse of the volume of water it didn´t let us down! The walked through the park and everywhere you looked there seemed to be another waterfall to your left and another to your right and they were getting bigger and stronger the further you went along. After walking for an hour or so we were presented with our first views of the biggest fall fall on offer, the Devils Throat. It was amazing the the strength that it had behind it was unbelievable! We hung around for a little while longer before heading back to the gate and getting our transfer back to our hostel.

With the afternoon still available to us we relaxed and hung around the massive pool that we had at our hostel as this place was really more a backpackers resort rather then a hostel of any sorts. We had a couple of drinks and chatted with some others staying before me Krystal, Charlotte, and Steve headed into town for a birthday dinner. The 4 of us ordered wine, entrees, sides, and a huge 4 person BBQ which we all enjoyed and then washed it down with some dessert and a free bottle of Champange courtesy of the restraunt for Krystals birthday. We headed back around midnight, had a drink with the pthers at the hostel and then hit the hay. All in all a great day with some great company and for a birthday not at home, I am pretty sure Krystal had a good one!!

Tuesday the 17th of Febuary

A little bit of a slow start this morning due to last nights celebrations we were up and on the bus around 9am making our way out to the Argentinian side of the falls. There is alot more on offer on this side with majority of the falls (FYI there are approx 275 different falls in this park!!) actually being on ARG and not the BRA side.

We entered the park, grabbed a map, worked out our plan of attack and we were on our way.


For the next hour or so we walked through a trail that eventually ends at the base on the area and from here you could look up at the falls surrounding you and also you had the option for a boat ride out on the water.


All be it a rip off we had to do it as when else do you get to be driven underneath a waterfall! The ride was good fun and at one point we were driven under the San Martin waterfall (2nd biggest I am pretty sure behind the Devils Throat) and were completely drowned! Mind you the humidity out here is so bad the water was quite pleasent. Once back on dry land we walked around for another hour before making our way back to the top in a great number of huffs and puffs so walk across another trail that offers views from above. Once this was down we were hot hungary and nearly at the end of our waterfall experience.

The final thing that we had to encounter was a close up view of the Devils Throat that could be seen from this side of the park. Yesterday was had great views looking up the throat but today you could get a train and about a 1km walk and be pretty much on top of it! We had some lunch in the line waiting for the train and within 30 minutes we were standing there in awe and admiration of what power and beauty mother nature can offer!! The power was amazing and it was o a moment that no words had to be spoken as looking at what was in front of you said it all for itself.


We spent 30 minutes or so here before calling it a day as the heat was unbearable and we headed back to the park, grabbed our usual magnet, (I am tipping we are up to 50 of these things by now. I am going to have to get a big fridge to fit them all on it!! Thats ok though we can put more beer inside it then) grabbed the local bus back to our hostel and went to the pool to relax and cool off.

We hung around the pool for a while and met up with a couple of Dutch guys we stayed with in Floranopolis and an Aussie guy who offered to cook us dinner as he was going to the supermarket to get a cheap meal. With that offer we thought why not and he made a very very very basic pasta which I will add was not his fault as what was on offer in the corner store was very very basic. Still what more do you want for 5 pesos a person (about AUD2.30).
After dinner Krystal decided to have an early one and headed off to bed around 9:30 so I stayed out met a bunch of people and made it into the dorm around 2:30am ready to collapse!

Wednesday the 18th of Febuary

Originally we thought we would need 3 days here at the falls but once we arrived we realised that 2 was plenty so today we decided to relax and get up to date with things on the computer (blogs, photo´s all that kinda crap). We packed our bags, grabbed a cab and headed back across to Brazil where we were spending the night before getting our 23 hour bus to Rio for carnival!!! This is our final bus ride and we are both extremely pumped and relieved about that I can tell you.

So pretty cruisy and boring day really. Mind you it is again hot hot hot so we just took it easy, spent hours in the internet cafe as the air conditioner is awesome in this place before having an early dinner and calling it a night.

Thursday the 19th of Febuary

Ok so this day will be short and sweet. Woke up, got a taxi to the bus terminal, got on a bus and spent the next 25 hours in it! I can´t really write much else other than that was the final bus that we have to encounter on this trip! Thank god for that!!!!

Ok back up to date and the next entry will be Rio Carnival baby!!!!

See you all soon

M and K

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