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Hola!!!! Now it time to test out our Spanish!!!

London UK - Quito Ecuador

semi-overcast 20 °C
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Saturday the 15th of November

- Matt typing -

The road trip is complete!!! It was great to get up this morning knowing that I didn´t have to get in the car and drive around the countryside for a change! 1800 miles I clocked up over the 12 days so it was pretty easy to say that I was over it! Other than that the trip was great and we both can leave the UK happy and not feeling guilty that we didn´t explore all that it had to offer.

After breaky at Ian and Debs it was time to head to Ians local rugby club for a day on the sauce. Ian and Debbie are leaving the UK in two weeks time so all the boys were having a big send off for him and it just so happened that we were staying the same weekend so how can one refuse. Krystal dropped us off at 12pm and Ian and I got home about 2am. That about all that needs to be written about it.

Sunday the 16th of November

Our last day in the UK! Let me just say it was the worst day for me in the UK! Sambuca and 14 hours on the lash will do that to you. All that occured this day apart from me being ill was Krystal buying a Nintendo DS for our South America trip. Sorted our packs out and got into bed about midnight.

Monday the 17th of November

South America day!!!! Off went the alarm at 3am and we were up and out and on our way to Heathrow for our flight. Dropped off the car at Hertz and then got a free transfer to the terminal. All sounds nice and rosy doesn´t it?? Well this is were it all turned a little pear shaped for us :)

Dropped off at Terminal 3 as per our itinery and walked in only to find that our flight was not on the board?? Hmm so we wonder around a little and due to it being so early very little was open (Including Information) we spoke to a cleaner and asked him if he had any idea. He said that seems our flight was booked in April at that stage British Airways were flying form Terminal 3 but now since Terminal 5 is open they are out there. Great we thought. So we buggered around trying to get to T5 beofre deciding to grab a cab as it was getting late. 15 pounds later we were dropped aff at T5 and we walked up to British Airways only to find out that we were at the wrong terminal!!! What the f%&k is going on I am thinking. The customer service lady looks at ouf booking which states British Airways and even has a BA flight number and says no this flight is with Iberian Airways one of BA´s sister companies. This flight is leaving form terminal 2!!! So now its getting pretty late and we are getting a little nervous about the whole situation. We ran back to the taxi rank, and anoth 15 pounds later we are back to T2. Finally our flight is on the board to we quickly check in, go though customs and we are all ok and back under control.

From London we flew to Madrid (2 hour flight), waited 2 hours, flew Madrid to Lima (11 hours flight), waited 3 hours, flew Lima to Quito (2 hours), got a cab and fell into our hostel. A massive journey but it all done now and we are ready and excited for the next few months in South America.

Tuesday the 18th of November

Woke up this morning feeling pretty good (will see how we go as the day goes on) had some breaky at the hostel and have now got the blog back up to date. Planning to spend another couple nights here before heading out for some hiking and mountain biking. Pretty concerned to see how this goes as my fitness levels are well below par. Actually when have they been above par??

Take care all and will speak to you soon

Ma &K xx

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The land of B&Bs

Scotland, England, Wales UK

rain 12 °C

- Krystal typing -

Saturday the 8th of November

We woke to the nicest breakfast we'd had so far on the trip. A lady in her mid 60s was running this B&B at the back of Stirling Castle where the old stable areas used to be. This lady had been absolutely everywhere around the world. We got talking to her and she had climbed the inca trail and a few other mountains in Peru during the 80s with her husband and two of her kids, a two and five year old! Cannot imagine doing those hikes with kids so young, pretty impressive. We both figured she must have been the biggest hippy alive.

Anyway after breakie we walked up the hill to the castle and managed to time our arrival with the free guided tour which took us around the most important parts of the castle and gave us abit of history which was good because we didn´t really know too much before hand.

After the tour we headed to the Wallace monument, which is pretty much as tower memorial to Willian Wallace. We went up the tower and inside was a small muesum dedicated to mostly Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Was good to read about Wallace and compare the info to Braveheart, was pretty spot on. We got to see Wallace´s sword, which was bigger than me! He must have been abit of a tank! Wandered to the top and had a lovely view over Stirling.

Next we jumed in the car and headed to Falkirk. If you remember from the movie Falkirk was the battle site that Wallace lost when he was betrayed by the Scottish nobels.

We had planned to stay in Edinburgh that night but every hostel was booked because of the New Zealand Vs Scotland rugby match. So we stayed in a little town just on the other side of the river.

Sunday the 9th of November

This morning we drove over the river into Edinburgh. It was a beautiful day, nice blue skies but because of that is was insanely cold! Coldest day of our trip by far. We wandered around town for awhile, rememberance day services were on at 11am which we went too. Also finally got to hear some propper bag pipe music in the streets yay!

We´re both not really big fans of cities but Edinburgh was quite nice, especially how the castle over looked the whole city and could be seen from everywhere.

We headed up the castle and again timed our arrival perfectly with the free guided tour, which came in handy as we probably would not have known what we were looking at! The castle was huge. After out tour we had a little wander and got to check out the Scottish crown jewels. Alot of the interior of the castle was out of bounds as the military still use parts of it today.

We wandered around the city for a couple more hours seeing a few mjore tourist sites and then decided to try and get some Ks under us, and headed to Hadrian´s wall, where we spen the night in a nearby town.

Monday the 10th of November

We woke up, grabbed some tesco breakie (had stayed in a pub that night as the B&Bs were too expensive) and headed towards the lake district while driving along a fair section of Hadrian´s wall.

We had blue skies the whole way to the lake district until we actually arrived which was abit of a bummer. We found a gap in the rain and darted out to castlerigg rock circle, which was a group of large rocks placed in a circle, similar to stone hendge but alot more basic, that dated back to 3200 BC. The rock circle was in a valley with the lake dristrict hills raising in the near distance behind it. Looked pretty cool, but in the end I guess it was just a bunch of large rocks!

The lake district has a heap of different hikes that you can do around all different areas of the national park. We decided we´d check out the Buttermere area, as out guide book had given it a good wrap. Took us a little over an hour to drive out to Buttermere lake, but the drive was amazing. It was raining a fair bit by this time (hailing also) and blowing a gale. But I think this made the landscape alot nicer, we saw tiny little waterfalls everywhere running down from the moutains/hills while driving down 25% grades. We made it to the lake to do a 2 hour walk around it but decided we didn´t want to end up like drowned rats and gave it a miss. We drove along a valley back to our B&B stopping off to brave the weather and check out a waterfall that was pumping down the hilll.

We got back into town and sorted out a few things that we had been meaning to do, closing bank accounts and that sort of stuff before heading out for a few drinks before dinner. When it gets dark at 4pm everyday there´s not much else to do besides go to a pub and drink! Had a nice put dinner and called it a night.

Tuesday the 11th of November

Woke up to some pretty ordinary weather, worst then the day before, so us doing a hike was just not going to happen. We wanted to make our way over to York today, and since the weather was so poo we decided to make our way out of the national park by driving along smaller roads, rather than the main highway running through the guts of it. Atleast we got to see a little bit more this way. So much rain, if only the could send a little of it back home!

On our way to York Matt wanted to check out a waterfall, we darted across B roads to find it, but once we got there the weather was still not that great and we had to do a 1km walk to reach it, which was not going to happen! So we continued on our way to York and may have accidently ended up on some C roads which wéren´t labeled on our map! Turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we wanded up in a little tiny town called Dent, that had only one road which curved in between really old buildings only wide enough for 1 car to pass at a time. Dent had a little tea room which we stopped off at for some Devonshire tea! what would a trip around the UK be without some devonshire tea!

We made it to York just as it was getting dark. Found a B&B and headed into the main part of town within the city walls, which was a pedistrain part of town, was quite cool to wander down all the old coble stone lanes. We were both impressed with the city. We wandered around for a fair while trying to find a pub that had Yorkshire puddings, really wanted to eat a Yorkshire pudding in York. Found a pub but they had ran out damn it! Not to worry the food was awesome.

Wednesday the 12th of November

Walked into the main bit of York where we were the night before and checked out the city in day light. Decided to walk along the top of the city walls, which are the oldest city was that still fully remain in England, which date back to 12th to 14th century.


We took our time walking around, took us about an hour and a half, stopped off on the way at the remains of york castle, which is now turned into a musuem. I really enjoyed walking around the walls seeing the city, was really relaxing and we actually had a decent day weather wise.

After another hour or so we hit the road again this time heading for Liverpool to catch up with Jac Pernar, one of Matt´s friends from high school who has been living there. She´d planned to give us a little tour of the city, but it was dark by the time we arrived and we were pretty over looking at sites, so she took us straight to the pub where we stayed for the next 5 hours. Stayed at her place that nice. Was good to catch up with a familar face.

Thursday the 13th of November

We woke a little rough, and felt abit guitly about not seeing any of Liverpool the night before. So Jac donned the tour guide hat and took us around town to the main sites. We saw the pub where the Beetles first started to get recognised, the main part of town, and also Albert Dock. We headed back to her flat with a quick stop off at Penny Lane. We said our goodbyes to Jac and thanked her for putting us up for the night.

We headed straight to Northern Wales, which isn´t that far from Liverpool. Stopped off at Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, the biggest aqueduct in Britain. We wouldn´t normally visit a site like this but the photo in a guide book looked awesome, as the really long canal boats (the ones you see in Camden) can travel along the aqueduct to cross over the 60m low valley. A walking path runs along side the water, so we walked across it and saw a boat crossing at the same time. Had really nice views either side aswell. By this time it was getting fairly dark so we jumped back in the car in search of a B&B heading north.

Friday the 14th of November

We had stayed in a hiking town within a national park the night before, the town had a waterfall so when went and checked that out first thing before jumping in our car for a nice drive southward. We stopped off a slate mining town called Ffestingiog we had a quick wander around there before heading further south to a town just north of Machynlleth, where a little sustainble village has been set up. 90% of the village´s energy comes from renewable sources and we thought it would be cool to go check it out. The town, known as CAT (centre for alternative technology) was set up really well, we walked around checking out the village seeing all different renewable construction techniques and general info about sustainable development.

After that we went to check out another waterfall, this time Britain´s biggest, which was 73m high. We´d had a fair bit of rain in the last couple of days (ever since we arrived back in england!) so the waterfall was powering down which was quite cool.

Again it was starting to get dark, and Matt decided why not gun it back to Ian and Debbie´s place in London and save the cash on a B&B. So that´s exactly what we did. Was such a relief when we finally arrived, we´ll be glad to say goodbye to the car for a couple of days!

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London - A good place to come a better place to leave!

London, Scotland - UK

overcast 7 °C
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Sunday the 2nd of November

Matt typing

After a pretty big night back at Koshers in London we got up nice and early and headed into town to run some chores that we needed doing before beginning our next journey. Once completed we went back to the flat sorted out all of our stuff and re packed our gear and headed into Kings Cross for dinner with Simon, Liz and Pat. As we left our flat Krystal got sad and nearly cried as it was to be the last time she ever sees the place. The flat was brilliant and the people inside who we lived with for our year in London were just as good. The end of a chapter that I am sure we will both remember for ever. A big shout out to Jeremy, Fliss, Aidas, and Marcia!!! Thanks for the fun times with you guys at the Kingdom! After dinner we headed to Victoria Station and caught the night bus to Glasgow.

Monday the 3rd of November

All things considered we managed to get a few hours sleep of the course of the journey and felt pretty good upon our arrival in Glasgow. We headed to the airport and picked up our hire car all be it a couple of minor complications and headed straight out of Glasgow towards the Highlands. We had previously beed advised by a couple of people that the drive from Glasgow to Loch Ness is very impressive and I will jump on board here and agree. For anyone who is planning to go to this part of the world, do yourself a favour and drive from Glasgow North on the A82! We drove through Loch Lomand then up into the Highlands and through Glen Coe before stopping off for some lunch. Now these next couple of weeks we are on a pretty tight budget so I was very impressed when I managed to get us the following for a mere £4. 4 chicken rolls, 2 2Litre bottles of water, an Orange Juice, and a box of tissues! Pretty impressive huh.

After a bite to eat we headed to Loch Ness for some monster spotting. Much to both our surprise the Lochs (Gealic for Lake I think) are massive. No wonder we can't find Nessie! It could be hiding anywhere!!!


Rarrrr there he is!

We gave up after having no luck and went on a search for a cheap Bed and Breakfast which to our luck the first one we stopped at was good for us. Originally we decided that we would try and Hostel it and go as cheap as possible but we have been finding B and B's for around £40-£45 a night for the two of us. They are proberly about £10 a night more expensive but we get a secure car park and a cooked breaky in the morning. Plus the whole idea of staying in the little old houses meeting local Scot's and having a nice warm bed to ourselves is very appealing. Hostels will become a daily habit throughout South America so I am sure we will get plenty of experience in them there! Found a local pub and had a great dinner before heading back and calling it a night for some much deserved sleep.

Tuesday the 4th of November

With a decent nights sleep under our belts we were up nice and early and ready to tackle the Scotish Highlands for another day! We headed away from Loch Ness and made our way further North for 100kms through the snow capped mountains until we came to Corrieshalloch Gorge. We found this little place in the 1000 must see things in Britain book that Ian and Deb gave us for xmas (thanks guys) and though it was worth having a look at. We put on the hiking boots and made way for a nice and relaxing 1.5km walk. About 3/4 of the way we came along a 57 Metre gorge with a beautiful waterfall running straight form the top of it. I have an obbession with waterfalls so I was quite impressed with the whole thing.

From here we headed to a small fishing village called Ullapool where we wondered around and got some fish and chips for lunch before continuing onto our final stop for the day Dornoch. This was a bit of a random pick because we really had no idea about the place other than the fact that the last witch to be burned to death was killed here in the 18th century. A good enough reason we thought so we made it there with an hour or so left in the day, found a Ba nd B and went to the gravestone. After a short walk we found the old gravestone which was actually in the backyard or someone's current house?? Apparently the locals of Dornoch accused here of being a witch and in order for here to not be sentenced to death she had to recite the Hail Mary in Gealic. She got all but 2 words correct so so this meant she must be a witch (well in the eyes of the judge and locals anyhow) so they put her in a barrel of tar and set her alight!!!

Grabbed a feed across the road and then watched the Liverpool Champions League match back in the room. Well I did, Krystal fell asleep.

Wednesday the 5th of November

This morning we started to make our way back South and drove back to Inverness and went to the Culloden Battlefields. We went through the Musuem then on a gudied tour of the actual Battlefield itself. In 1746 the last battle took place here against the Scots and the English where a massive vistory by the English occured. The Scotish lost huge numbers of men and had to retreat from the onslaught that the English set upon them. After this battle Scotland was hugely affected and many of their rights were lost as the English set the tone for the future to come. It was really interesting to listen and learn about this as my knowledge on the history overhere is not great at all. Also to think about the conditions that these soldiers went through was enough for me!!!

From here we headed East into the Whisky County of Scotland. I really wanted to do a Distillary Tour while in Scotland so we arranged to go to the Aberlour Distillary for a 2 pm guided tour. We had a really great time on the tour as our guide was a very funny man who made it a lot more beginner proof rather than an overload on us. At the end of the tour we got to try 6 different Whisky's that were made in this particular distallary and given the fact that Krystal couldn't stand the taste, guess who was driving home!! Also while at the tasting part of the tour we meet an Australian and Hungarian couple who were currently living in Aberdeen and had come over for the day on the train to do the tour. We all got along really well and after the tour they asked us if we would like to stay at the B and B they were at? After a quick call to see if there was any rooms left we all headed to a small town called Dufftown and made our way to out nights resting point.

As tonight was the 5th of November this is a night of celebration for the UK. Its called Guy Falkes night and the reason for the festivities is due to the following. On the 5th of November, 1605 in which a number of Catholic conspirators, including Guy Fawkes, were alleged to be attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London, England. Thanks Wikipedia! The main way everyone celebrates is by setting off as many fireworks as possible and also liting the biggest Bonfire possible. Anyhow, we drove about 20kms to another town and watched their fireworks and bonfires before heading back to Dufftown and heading for dinner.

Duffotwn is a very small place with limited eating options so when the pub said meals were finished (7:30pm this was! Apparentely most people eat between 5-6:30pm) we had to take the Fish and Chip choice. The lady in the pub said we could eat it in the pub so all wasn't lost. Jason the Australian bloke we meet ordered me a deep fried Haggis which I was a little concerned about but it was actually pretty darn good I must say. Krysal doesn't agree with me though! After dinner we sat around the pub, meet a bunch of locals and Krystal and I managed to stagger out of te pub about midnight after a few too many with a local lad. His choice of drink was a pint of Guiness with a double Scotch chaser!

Thursday the 6th of November

Feeling a little worse for wear we packed the bags and made our way to Aberdeen. Only reason for really going here was because it was on the way to where we were headed next and also to drop off the guys we spent the last day with. After saying out goodbyes Krystal and I continued on our way and made a short stop at Stonehaven Castle. From there we headed further South and by my decision we stopped off at Carnoustie. The reason for this was because I wanted to see Carnoustie Golf Course where the British Open has been played on a number of occassions, the most recent being last year when Padraig Harrington won. The place was really quiet so I walked around and took some pics before a nice fella from the starters tent called me over and gave me a little gift pack to take home. Much nicer people the Scottish rather than the English I think. I also took a look at the Barry Burn that goes across the front of the 18th which to my surprise is much wider than it looks on TV. No wonder Jean Van De Valde hit it in there and made 7 on the last to lose the Open in 99!!! Sorry for the boring golf stuff all but bugger you, its my blog :)

From here we went to another famous golfing town and this is called St Andrews. Now I am tipping most of you have heard of this place. The home of Golf! We found a B and B and then headed out for some dinner before getting into bed at an impressive time of 7:45pm! For the first time in a long time we had the option to watch a DVD so we curled up and watch Saving Private Ryan. I fell asleep way beofre the end which seems to happen more and more often these days with me and movies. Think i'm turning i little into a Dan Ogle.

Friday the 7th of November

Up and out of the B and B by 9am we headed to St Andrews Catherdral. The weather was terrible so we took some quick snaps then got straight back into the car out of the rain. We then heaed to the Royal and Ancient St Andrews Golf Course where I went to the Golf Musuem and Krystal went and relaxed in a cafe with a big mug of hot chocolate for a while. The musuem was pretty good and the most impressive thing about it was they have an item of memrebelia for ever single golfer that has ever won the British Open from about 1950 onwards. Things like Gary Player hat signed to John Daly's Putter to Tiger Woods shirt and glove and scorecards. They even had Ian Baker Finch!!! There is a blast form the past.

Once I had had enough I found Krystal and we went for a wlk on the course. Now this was actually her idea so don't you all sit there and think oh poor Krystal I can't believe Matt made her do that.

We left St Andrews about 1pm and drove to Stirling where we are currently at now. We made a quick visit to the Stirling Bridge where William Wallace famously demolished during a battle with the English in 1297.


From there we found a B and B which to our absolute delight has an internet that we can use!!! This is what we have done for the past 3 hours and it is currently 10pm and we are now officially up to date with our blog!!!! Thank god for that!!!

Take care and enjoy the warmer weather back home

Matt and Krystal

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Apple tea - that's the stuff!

Tinaz Tepe Cave, Konya, Cappadocia, TURKEY, London UK

sunny 21 °C
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- Krystal typing -

Monday the 27th of October

After getting our blog up to date which took up pretty much the whole afternoon of our free time the two of us headed out for a few drinks and ended up writing our engagement list out. Yay! After that we headed out for dinner and a few drinks with the rest of the clan and the soon to be in laws!

Tuesday the 28th of October

Today we woke up ready for our big drive to Cappadocia. We stopped off at a few places along the way. First up was Tinaztepe cave. Our tour leader didn't give the cave much of a wrap, so we decided to save our cash and give it a miss - we'd also seen a few caves in the UK which had much older stalactites and stalagmites. Instead we sat in the nice heated dining room training our brain's on another girl's (Katherine's) nintendo DS - think we will be purchasing one soon!

After that stop off we headed to the Mevlana Museum, which was more like a tomb than an museum. It houses the remains of Mevlevi order - a brotherhood of Islam, better known as the whirling dervishes. If you saw a picture of these people you would know of them, they were the group of men that wore white dresses and hats and spun around in circles to music - they were known as the teachers of teachers of Islam. Anyway like I said it was a tomb for the people who began this brotherhood, and for their families. It also oddly had the prophet Mohammad's beard in a china box and a number of ancient Korans in glass cases, which were quite cool to look at as the detail on the pages was impressive.

Next stop was Sultanhani where we had a litle wander around Seljuk Caravanserai, which pretty much was an ancient caravan park for men and their horses/donkeys/camels that were on route to trade their goods. Was pretty amazing to see the building they stayed in, and the conditions they would have endured especially during winter!

We were back on the bumpy road again for another few hours before we finally made it to Cappadocia. We arrived fairly late, had dinner and then some drinks in Laurel and Kev's room before calling it a night.

Wednesday the 29th of October

We woke up in Cappadocia and were abosultely amazed by the landscape. The area looked almost lunar like, as though you were walking on a far away planet. There were "fairy chimney's" poking up everywhere - rock formations consisting of a cap of hard rock resting on a cone shaped softer rock. What was even more amazing was houses, churches and monasteries had been carved into the softer rock, so in every second or so fairy chimney you could see little doorways and windows. It was absoultely amazing!

How the region got like this was from volcanic activity 9 to 3 million years ago, lakes and streams erorded parts of the soft ignimbrite rock away, to leave pillars which are known as fairy chimneys. The little houses and churches were carved into the pillars 300-1200 AD. We got a chance to go in a few of them, and could see the orginal paint in some of the rooms. We also got to see the villlage areas where dining room tables had been carved around the rock in the floor.


I don't think any of our photos did the area justice, but alteast they give you an idea of how strange the landscape looked!

That night we'd paid to do an optional extra which all 15 of us decided to do. It was a Turkish folk evening - traditional music, folk dancing, belly dancing and not to mention dinner and unlimited drinks! And don't worry we all took full advantage of that!

The entertainment was suprisingly pretty good, I couldn't make up my mind whether the belly dancing was fat or fit. She had a pretty big pot on her, but the things she could do with her belly!!! She got Kevin up as a volunteer, he also had the belly but not too sure about his moves!!! (Haha sorry Kev, but it's okay we're family now!!!) We all got up for a boogie Turkish style and had a great night. Kev took one of the ladies on our tour for a spin and they both managed to end up sliding along the floor, Kev with a blood nose! Was a great night.


Thursday the 30th of October

This morning we all woke up feeling pretty rough. We went to the underground city of Derinkuyu, which I think we didn't really appreciate since we weren't feeling the best! The city contained food stores, kitchens, stalls, churches, wine and oil presses, ventilation shafts, wells and a religious school. It had seven floors and a total depth of 85m and could have sheltered thousands of people! It dated back to the 8th-7th centuries B.C, and was used as a hiding place for the first Christians who were escaping persecution of the Roman empire back in the 5th and the 10th centuries A.D. Only the first two levels were open to tourists but we got the main idea of the city, lots of winding hallways with rooms leading off everywhere.

The rest of the afternoon we spent being driven around to different lookout sites that just seemed to get better and better!

After that about half the group headed out for a Turkish bath! We were first taken into a steam room, then to the main bath area we were sat on marble benches waiting for our turn to be bathed! There were roman style sinks all around the room where we could tip hot water over ourselves while we waited. When it was our turn we got up on the huge marble bench in the middle of the room and were pampered! First up they put on a mitt and scrapped all the dead skin off. Next the covered us in bubles, and I mean covered, it looked like they had poured a bottle of bubble bath in a sink of water. They washed us down, and then massaged us for the next 20 minutes. We then got our hair washed before being led out to get changed!

We headed back to our hotel for dinner, our tour manager was able to pull some strings and organised for us to stay the night in an extra nice hotel, it was a hotel that was half cut out of the side of a rock hill. Was quite nice and posh! We had a early night ready for our 5am wake up call!

Friday the 31st of October

We were all ready by 6am for our 11 hour bus ride back to Istanbul. We side goodbyes to two on the tour as they had oganised to get a flight - lucky ppls!

After pumping out some Zs and a fair few rounds of cards and not to mention our bus driving getting involved in some serious road rage we made it to Istanbul at 6pm. Headed to Laurel and Kevin's room to unload all the things we had accumulated over the past month.

We had planned to have a goodbye dinner together as a group, so the 13 of us marched out in search of some food. We ended up going back to the same restaurant the 4 of us had originally gone to the night of the surprise. That also meant a free first round and a free supper shot of Raki - again Kev got mine! We were all pretty merry and headed out for some more drinks and shisha.

Saturday the 1st of November

We were up reasonbly early for breakfast so we could get our flight bck to chilli old London. Had breakie with Laurel and Kev, handed over my engagement bangle ready for its safe journey back to Aust. It was quite strange having breakfast with them knowing we wouldnt see them again until March. But it had been an awesome two weks and I think it was exactly what the 4 of us needed - especially since us getting engaged!

I think we have planned the trip pretty well; 1 month travelling just the two of us, 2 weeks on a tour with Matt's parents. A month and a half again on our own, 2 weeks with my parents and Monique, 3 weeks with Monique (lucky mon!). Then a month and a half by ourselves again, breaks the trip up quite well!

Anyway we had breakie and headed to the lobby where we were told our transfer was waiting for us. We headed out to our "Fez" transfer and wuickly said goodbye to eachother. Which was quite sad!

We drove off in the taxi to the airport which ironically was in asia. We were in europe, had to cross into asia to get our flight back to London in europe, I thought it was quite funny!

Anyway this is where the fun and games began. Our taxi driver had lied to us and said he was our transfer from Fez (our tour company) and wanted us to pay him 130 AUD once we arrived (was just over an hour to the airport). I guess we didnt look to much into it when we jumped in as we were caught up in the hipe of saying bye to Laurel and Kev. After ahile of arguing with him and calling our tour company we managed to strike a deal of 80 AUD. Which we were both pretty peeved about! (so Laurel that's where your US dollars went!)

Caught our flight back to London town and scored a bus direc to our old flat. Our old flat mates were having a halloween party which worked out perfect for us. Caught up with our old and new flate mates and had our very last night at the kingdom!!!

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Lıfe on the Mediteranean Sea

Fethıye (Turkey)

sunny 25 °C

Frıday the 24th of October

- Matt typıng -

It was fantastıc to actually be able to have somethıng that actually resembles a sleep ın as we dıdn`t have to get up untıl 8:30 thıs mornıng! The last few days have been full on wıth early get ups ıt was a pleasent surprıse to have the sun beat me up rather than the opposıte. We packed our daypacks for the Gulet and headed down to the dock for what was to be a tough tough couple of days ahead of us.

These were to ınclude the followıng: Swımmıng ın the Med, beer, layıng ın the sun, beer, swımmıng, and not much else. We boared our Gulet about 11am and head out ınto the Fethıye harbour whıch I soon learnt was massıve! After an hour or so we anchored and jumped overboard ın the beautıful blue water. Due to a lack of opputunıtıes (maınly because we lıved ın London for a year) thıs was the fırst tıme I had gone for a swım ın 12 months! It was awesome and was so good to be back ın the water. Makes we hang for the Aussıe weather more and more I thınk. After lunch we headed off to another spot whıch would be our camp for the evenıng. Had another couple of swıms and then dınner and more beers and just enjoyed where we all were. Played some cards, got a lıttle drunk before callıng ın for the nıght. Krystal and I took our sleepıng bags on board so we could sleep on deck and watch the stars and hopefully wake up to a sunrıse. Both worked perfectly as the sky was lıt up lıke a xmas tree so we laıd there watchıng shootıng stars before fallıng alseep lookıng forward to another day very sımılar to thıs one.

Saturday the 25th of October

Woke up to an awesome sunrıse whıch went perfectly to plan. Others started to slowly emerge from underneath before the bırthday gırl came up. It was Mums bday today and what an awesome spot to have ıt too! Saılıng the Med swımmıng and relaxıng! Won`t bore you too much so all we pretty much dıd was exactly the same as yesterday just for a bıt longer!


Sunday the 26th of October

We had a couple more fınal swıms before makıng our way ınto dock to leave our lıttle holıday ınsıde a holıday. Had a fınal lunch on board whıch was agaın fantastıc. The food on board the Gulet has by far been the best we have had sınce arrıvıng ın Turkey. So fresh and served to you that way rather than a lot of the meals we have had that have been sıttıng ın a tray for hours on end goıng stale and cold. Far to many buffets have been served up to us on thıs tour. Once we got back on land we were pıcked up by the bus and we headed to our next destınatıon, Antalya. We arrıved about 6pm and headed out for some dınner wıth Mum and Dad. Even though we were all quıte tıred ıt was good to sıt there wıth only the 4 of us and not the entıre group. Not holdıng anythıng agaınst our group as I truly belıeve we have a fantastıc bunch of people but sometımes you lıke some tıme out. After dınner Dad and I and another father son combo on the tour went for a beer and shısha whıch actually turned ınto a lot of beers and I got home rather happıer than what I was on departure.

Monday the 27th of October

And thıs brıngs us to today!!!! One thıng we have found dıffıcult and thıs happened on our last edıtıon that when you tour ıt ıs hard to keep thıs thıng up to date.

Back to the early wake up calls and we were out of bed and on the road by 8am thıs mornıng. We headed out to the ancıent cıty of Perge where we had a guıded tour of thıs medıevıl cıty that had ruıns of both BC and AD. Krystal and I both decıded that we should have gıven thıs one a mıss as we have agreed that we are ruıned out!!! Once we left there we were taken to Aspendos Theatre whıch was pretty ımpressıve. It ıs ın amazıng condıtıon consıderıng ıts age. From there we went back to the hotel for an afternoon of free tıme whıch has brought us to the nearest Internet cafe and on a mıssıon to get our blogs up to date whıch was happened............rıght now!!

K and M

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