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Ok the body is in Meltdown! R and R is required I think! 02.03.2009
Rio Carnival Baby! 28.02.2009
Now that´s a lot of water!!!!!!!!!!!!! 18.02.2009
Life´s a beach! 15.02.2009
Montevideo. We came, we saw, we left!!! 09.02.2009
Land of the Tango 05.02.2009
Any further south from here and we are talking Antarctica! 31.01.2009
Glaciers, glaciers and more glaciers! 26.01.2009
Climbing Volcano´s and the Lake District 18.01.2009
Would you like some salt with that? 13.01.2009
From Prisons to Mountain Bikes, La Paz rocks!!!!!!!!!! 07.01.2009
Bye to Peru 07.01.2009
3 little Inca's ready for a trek 31.12.2008
Xmas in Cusco!!! Plus some Incan ruins thrown in. 24.12.2008
City of the Ice Madien 18.12.2008
Nights buses, Soles, and finally making some ground South!!! 14.12.2008
Paradise does exist! 08.12.2008
In the jungle, the mighty jungle, we will sleep tonight 02.12.2008
A land in the clouds 26.11.2008
Volcanoes, altitude, and Meriendas 21.11.2008
Hola!!!! Now it time to test out our Spanish!!! 18.11.2008
The land of B&Bs 16.11.2008
London - A good place to come a better place to leave! 07.11.2008
Apple tea - that's the stuff! 07.11.2008
Lıfe on the Mediteranean Sea 27.10.2008
The tour begıns 27.10.2008
Mission Accomplished! 19.10.2008
Arrived with a boyfriend and left with a fiance! 16.10.2008
A city that is allowed to have scaffholding throughout!! 12.10.2008
Auschwitz I - Auschwitz II Birkenau 09.10.2008
Leaving Prahahahaha and cracking onto Krakow 07.10.2008
Europe Road Trip 04.10.2008
They drive on the wrong side!!! Now so do I!!!! 30.09.2008
Day 1!!! 28.09.2008
We're backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! 07.09.2008